In my practise, I explore the concept of reality, truth and authenticity. I work in a fashion similar to that of an archaeologist or alchemist, utilising fragments of information in the form of artefacts and narratives which I transform, replicate and disrupt through a variety of processes both traditional and contemporary. My work can be interpolated through the lens of queer ecology where I attempt to question our understanding of nature and our place within it in a more than human world. The work always exists in a state of in-betweeness, or between two opposites whether it be between original and copy, object and image, digital and analogue, immaterial and material, growth and decay, past and future, natural and synthetic, truth and fiction. I often begin by appropriating a historical artefact or narrative which I bring into a dialogue with our technological present. Through dissecting, queering and recontextualising the past, I aim to imagine new futures. Traditional forms of making such as casting and mould making are combined with contemporary digital fabrication and industrial processes such as 3d printing, digital modelling, robotics and scientific experiments. I leave the work to chance and I am interested in how these technological systems are prone to failure, to mutations and errors. The work becomes its own self sustaining ecosystem capable of evolving, reproducing and decaying.My practise is much more about this alchemical metamorphosis than a finished product and is not static or fixed but is constantly changing, temporal and liquid.

 Noel Griffin (born. 1997, Inverclyde Scotland) graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2019 with a first class honours in Fine Art and attended the École des Beaux-Arts Paris on an Erasmus Exchange. Griffin was awarded the RSA John Kinross Scholarship to Florence in 2019 and was selected for The RSA New Contemporaries 2020 where he was the recipient of the Chalmers Bursary. He has also been awarded the Aon Community art award 2019-2021 and has exhibited at The Tetley Leeds with James N Hutchinson in 2019