‘Remades’2019 - part of ‘Untitled’ with James N Hutchinson at The Tetley Leeds

Remades is based on the activities of Ulf Linde (1929-2013), a Swedish art critic who famously produced replicas of a number of Marcel Duchamp’s best-known works, most of which were Readymades that had long since disappeared. The Moderna Museet in Stockholm holds Linde’s replicas, which were signed and ‘authored’ by Duchamp, and there are many more official replicas attributed to Duchamp in museums internationally. Remades consists of twelve drawings, each representing an object that Linde made a replica of, made using photographs from the image-sharing website, Flickr, which have been uploaded by members of the public following encounters with Duchamp’s work around the world. Some of these photographs are compositionally awkward or ‘arty’ in some way, whereas others are quite ordinary.

The drawings featured in the  exhibition, Untitled, at The Tetley in Leeds. Over the course of the show, the drawings were replaced gradually by drawings of the same subjects made by Jess Carnegie, Marguerite Carson and Noel Griffin, all of whom graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2019, where Hutchinson supervised their dissertations. Carnegie researched different models, forms and institutions that are produced in the name of art education, Carson developed an imaginary exhibition of artworks whose materiality extends beyond their objecthood, and Griffin compared the use of replica artworks in nineteenth-century museums to those produced today. Many of the ideas we discussed in tutorials were present, whether explicitly or latently, in the rest of the exhibition. At the end of the exhibition, the drawings were distributed between Carnegie, Carson and Griffin, and Hutchinson retained possession of theirs.