Bones of your Mother

The work explores the myth of Deucalion and Pyrrha from Ovid’s Metamorphosis, set in a near apocalyptic future. Zeus, angered by man’s destruction of the planet, sends a great flood to wipe out humanity. Only one man, Deucalion and one woman survive the deluge. The pair lonely in the desolate landscape attempt to repopulate the earth. They consult The Oracle of Themis who instructs them to throw behind them the ‘bones of their mother’. Since the humans are children of the earth the bones must refer to stones. Casting behind them the stones at their feet, scarred with the fossilised remains of technological waste, the pair bring to light a new form of life. The stones loose their hardness and are metamorphosed into monstrous creatures part organic and part machine.

The installation features a series of Microbial fuel cell batteries, which are a form of renewable energy that converts bacterial energy found in sea sediment into electrical energy. The robot behind the glass of a diorama spasmed into life as bacteria in the gallery grew.